Gambling Problems – Why Me?

If you have a gambling problem, that is, if you are addicted to gambling, you may often ask yourself, “Why me?”

While some people appear to be able to gamble without becoming addicted, a certain segment of the population develops an addiction. The percentages appear to be roughly the same as for other addictive behaviors.

Problematic gambling is a progressive disease that does not heal on its own. The reasons for this type of uncontrolled and destructive behavior are rooted in the subconscious mind. The subconscious is also known as the seat of emotions, so in a way, your problem is based on an emotional need of some kind.

While it can help you find the source of the impulse, it is not always necessary. Once some people learn that there is an emotional reason for gambling and the rewards, they can often change. If you feel like you must know why, then my best advice is to find a good hypnotherapist who can help you delve into your subconscious to find the source.

Other ways to get to the root of the problem are meetings with 12-step programs like Gamblers Anonymous. Sitting and listening to other people with the same addiction and listening to their stories can help you realize what gambling has provided in your life. Since very few people win, especially those who can’t control it, the financial reward is probably not the reason.

In some ways, all problem behaviors are a drug problem because our own neurotransmitters are powerful drugs in our own bodies that provide the sensation of pleasure when stimulated by certain behaviors and outcomes. therefore, the parts of your brain that release endorphins, powerful pleasure neurotransmitters, are more likely to be stimulated when you win. Unfortunately, some people react more strongly to the short-term payoff of winning, even though they ultimately lose it all. An example is a person who will sit at a slot machine and enjoy every little win even though his overall stake is going down.

The important question is: “Why do you react so strongly to short-term gains and larger long-term losses when it doesn’t make rational sense?” Usually there is deep emotional pain that is lessened by endorphins.

Obviously, something is out of control if you consciously and rationally know that you are losing everything, but are still willing to keep taking risks for small short-term UFA  gains. You may never know the exact reason, but at least you know that somewhere inside you there is a need for this kind of pleasure.

The most important thing for you and your loved ones is not necessarily knowing the exact source of the emotional pain, but rather stopping the problem behavior that ultimately causes more pain, not only to you, but to others. You are not crazy, nor are you bad, but you have a disease that has only one cure, abstinence. The way to stop the pain is to go into your own subconscious mind and use the same power that drives you to play.

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